Enterprise ARMS Your Shop With The Competitive Edge.

Increase shop efficiency with ARMS® Automotive Exchange.

ARMSŪ Automotive Exchange is cutting-edge technology simplifying the rental management process and helping you better manage insurance claims.

Powered by CynCast Data Pump, ARMS Automotive Exchange provides automated labor hour communication between your shop, insurance adjusters and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. In addition, your management system may communicate status changes to Enterprise, thereby eliminating multiple phone calls.

How ARMS Automotive Exchange works.

ARMS Automotive Exchange is downloadable from the ARMS® Automotive application. It works with the shop's estimating system to collect only the data contained in the Estimate Management Standard (EMS) file directory. The relevant information is then communicated electronically from the shop's system to Enterprise Rent-A-Car and the insurance partner.

EMS data is used only for the purpose of rental management; no EMS data is used, sold or shared without the shop's permission.

For shops utilizing a management system, ARMS Automotive Exchange may be available. This software works with the shop's management system to send estimated completion dates and status details, in addition to any changes to the estimate, electronically to Enterprise. It reduces the need for shops to enter the vehicle's status information in two different applications. Please check with your management system provider to see if you can take advantage of this feature!

Save time and money while enjoying these benefits:

ARMS®Automotive Exchange

Industry Rental Report.

Available through email to your repair facility.

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